Why an Outdoor Dance Floor Is Perfect for Your Next Event

Why an Outdoor Dance Floor Is Perfect for Your Next Event

An outdoor dance floor can be a great addition to many events, even if dancing is not a major part of the event schedule. Understanding the many innovative ways an outdoor dance floor can be used, as well as different design options available, can enhance your event in fun and ingenious ways.

Types of Outdoor Dance Floors

Outdoor dance floors are available in a wide range of materials, from vinyl roll-outs to tile, wood plank, or laminate snap-together floors, to rugs layered to create a soft dance floor. Each style is available in different colors or patterns, including faux textures or themed options such as a clockface, jumbo board games, or specific scenery. Outdoor dance floors can be printed with logos, initials, or monograms, or may be configured into different shapes or designed to cover unique spaces, such as a clear plexiglass floor to cover a pool or water feature. Some floors can even be backlit to add more ambience to the space.

While the exact options available for an outdoor dance floor will vary depending on the manufacturer and where the floor is purchased or rented, with so many choices available, there is a dance floor style suitable for every event.

Benefits of an Outdoor Dance Floors

A dance floor does much more than just add a dance-ready space to an event location. Outdoor dance floors…

  • Define the space and help draw attention to a focal point, such as where a performance may be held or speeches made.
  • Improve accessibility for those with mobility challenges, especially if some seating is available on the dance floor.
  • Even out terrain to improve safety, especially if the area may be muddy or uneven with holes or dips that could lead to falls.
  • Protect the turf to safeguard landscaping, especially in delicate areas where grass may have been recently planted.

Overall, an outdoor dance floor elevates an event and shows attention to detail, adding elegance and distinction for a memorable occasion.

Using an Outdoor Dance Floor at Any Event

It is a common misconception that an outdoor dance floor is only for dancing. While dancing is, of course, the most prevalent use for a dance floor installation, these spaces can also be used for a variety of activities at all sorts of events, including…

  • Icebreakers or similar quick games at corporate or group events and retreats.
  • Exercise such as yoga or pilates where a safe, level space is desired.
  • Lawn games like cornhole, ring toss, or oversized board games.
  • Branding to display a logo, advertising, or monogram, perhaps with interactive lighting.
  • Decorations such as specific colors, lighting effects, themed tiles, etc.
  • Creating a labyrinth for a spiritual gathering or wellness retreat.
  • Stage areas for dance performances, musicians, or keynote speakers.
  • Equipment setup to provide stability for electronics, speakers, or cameras.

Whether you are planning a small, intimate event or a larger, more elaborate occasion, an outdoor dance floor can be a fun and practical addition to the space. By recognizing the many styles of outdoor dance floors and how creatively they can be used, it is easy to integrate a dance floor into your next event.